EYE Funding FAQs

The Beehive Day Nursery works with Somerset’s Local Authority, in line with the Code of Practice, to offer the Early Years Entitlement funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. All children are entitled to 570 hours of EYE funding per year, starting from the period (January, April or September) following their 3rd birthday.

The Beehive is an all-year-round provider, operating for 51 weeks of the year and stretches the funding throughout the year to ensure your nursey invoice remains the same each month. This enables your child to claim 11 hours per week throughout the year. We require children to attend a minimum of 3 sessions per week and this would be necessary in order to claim the full 570 hours of funding. Any additional hours will be charged at the normal rate.

If your child is born between: Funding can be claimed from:
1st April – 31st August September following their third birthday
1st September – 31st December January following their third birthday
1st January – 31st March April following their third birthday
When is my child entitled to funding?

All 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 570 hours of funding per year from the period following their third birthday (see table above). Some 2 year old children are also entitled to this funding.

How is funding calculated?

The Beehive is open for 51 weeks of the year, enabling each child to claim 11 hours of funding per week throughout the year. In order for a child to claim 11 hours funding per week, based on our terms and conditions, they would need to attend a minimum of 3 mornings or afternoons or 1 full day and one half session. Any additional hours in excess of the EYE will be charged at standard rate.

What is the minimum and maximum number of funded hours per day?

The minimum funding claim per day is 2.5 hours and the maximum is 10 hours. The Beehive’s minimum sessions requirement still applies and any additional non-EYE hours will be charged at the normal rate, as per our terms and conditions.

What if my child attends another setting?

Parents should inform the nursery of any other setting the child attends during registration. The Beehive will contract the other setting to discuss the amount of funding being claimed to ensure the child’s entitlement is not exceeded.

What is the charge for food and snacks during the EYE hours?

Additional costs will be charged for meals and snacks during the funded hours at a rate of 80p per hour. This will be added to the total monthly bill before the EYE deductions have been made.

What if my child attends for more than their EYE hours?

Normal session rates and terms will apply. Please note that meals and snacks are included in the cost of sessions where EYE is not being claimed.

How do I ensure that my child receives the EYE funding?

When you register your child with The Beehive you are asked to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate. The Nursery Director then provides County with a copy of this along with a registration form, the term before your child is entitled to EYE hours. Parents and Carers will then be asked to sign a Parent Declaration form which details the actual number of hours being claimed by The Beehive, on behalf of your child. The form must also detail any other EYE hours being claimed at other settings.

How can I pay?

Fees can be paid by standing order, electronic transfer, childcare vouchers, cheque or cash. You can also pay by credit or debit card.