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Play & Learning

Busy Bees

Potty Training

In Busy Bees we will wait for the child and parents to be ready to start to use the potty/toilet. The child will start to show signs of being ready when they inform you they are wet/soiled or verbally tell you they are going for a wee. We will follow your decision about whether to go straight to pants or to use pull ups and whether to use the toilet or potty. We will remind your child frequently but not to the point that it becomes an issue for your child. If you would like to bring your child’s own potty to nursery that is fine, but generally they are happy use the nursery potties or low-level toilets.

Some children respond really well to the use of reward charts; using stickers and praising your child for their efforts. Staff will never give negative comments when children have accidents, but instead will try to help prevent these by toileting them regularly. Staff will always feedback to you about your child’s progress at the end of each day.

Any soiled clothes will be stored in a blue bag for you to collect at the end of the day. In line with Public Health England Guidance, we are unable to rinse clothes, avoiding any contamination. For this reason, we ask that parents provide plenty of spare clothes for children to be changed into.