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Play & Learning

Honey Bees

Honey Bees

Daily Routine

This is our daily routine in the Worker Bees:


When the Nursery opens the Honey Bees staff are ready to greet the children and have a brief chat with their parents. The communication books (used by the Key Person and parents) ensure that if a more detailed transfer of information is needed parents can use this method.


Breakfast starts at about 8.30am when the children sit at the table or in a high chair to enjoy a drink, some cereal and toast. The children all sit at the same level to promote social interaction with both staff and their peers. Milk is provided for those children aged 12 months+ at both breakfast and tea time.


After breakfast the children have time to play both indoors and outdoors. Their key person and the other staff help them to make choices about where they want to play and then ensure the learning of each child is being extended through purposeful play. Children can choose whether to take part in some adult-led activities at this time too.


Each key person takes their turn to change the nappies of their key children if they have not already been changed. Then the children are moved into two groups ready for Circle time.


During Circle time planned activities are completed with the children. These are phonics activities which encourage the children to list to and join In with their favourite stories or rhymes, often with the support of props to engage the children. These activities promote the children’s communication skills; focusing on their listening skills and understanding.


Lunch time. Children are encourage to use plastic cutlery to feed themselves, where possible, and when they are ready, start to drink out of a cup rather than a beaker.


Many of our Honey Bees children will have a sleep after lunch then are ready to play outdoors or indoors in the afternoon. The outdoor environment is planned in the same way as the indoors, with resources that reflect the children’s interests and developmental needs, enabling staff to engage in purposeful play.


Nappy changing time as needed.


Circle time.




After tea the children have free-play time until they are collected. Nappy changing time as needed.