Parent Partnerships

At The Beehive, we strive to build strong partnerships with children and their families from the moment they join the nursery. In order to achieve this we ensure we communicate effectively and do so in a variety of ways. We operate an ‘open-door’ policy where management will always make themselves available to speak to parents. The children enjoy visiting the office on the way to and from nursery, sharing their exciting news from their weekend at home or something new that they have explored that day! We welcome parents to either step into the office, email or phone at any time should they have any issues they wish to discuss.

Each child is allocated a Key Person when they join the Beehive and they ensure that each child has a communication book which is completed daily; to feedback to parents about mealtimes, toileting and the activities they have enjoyed that day. All of our children are also registered with Tapestry, an online learning journal, where parents have access to their child’s observations and photographs. This is an excellent way of sharing information and parents and staff can comment and reply to any entries. We have found it to be a really effective method of keeping parents informed of their child’s interests and achievements. You will be asked to sign permission forms on entry to the nursery before being sent an email to setup your own account.