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All of the Worker Bees children will receive daily phonics, where your child will take part in a wide range of fun and engaging activities that promote their listening and attention, understanding and speaking; helping to prepare them for learning initial sounds in words where they will start to blend sounds together for reading.

We focus mainly on Phase 1 Letters and Sounds and immerse children in a huge variety of games and activities which enables them to ‘tune-in’, develop skills of discriminating between different sounds and creating their own sounds using their voices and bodies, As the children progress, and only if they are ready, staff will start to introduce specific letter sounds which will support your child with early reading skills. We teach these sounds in a specific order so as not to confuse the children and follow guidance from the Letters and Sounds document.

Children need to secure their foundations of Communication first before they will be ready to learn to read and write. The most effective way of teaching your child to read is to regularly enjoy stories at home; providing your child with the opportunity of ‘reading’ to you by reciting their favourite story or making a story of their own using pictures. We will often use stories as the basis of our theme throughout the month to enable children to understand the structure of stories and to know a range of familiar and traditional tales.